Product Description

This book will stimulate profound change in you. It is a book to promote spiritual growth, from which everything else originates. The growth that you will experience is a result of your willingness to grow and the focusing of your intent to release all low frequency blockages that you have created. These blockages include not only what you have created in this lifetime, but also in all previous existences you have experienced. You create blockages when you think at variance with universal law, which is love. Every thought you think creates a thought form, or energy field that has a particular frequency and shape. The more your thought is in accordance with principles of love, the higher its frequency and more balanced the thought form. Thoughts that deviate from this truth, such as thoughts of anger, hate, fear and jealousy, create low frequency thought forms that are distorted and lodge in your energy field as energetic blockages. These blockages are then mirrored or manifested in your physical condition, both internally as exhibited by your physical health and externally in the events that happen to you in your life. The main focus of intent will be the clearing of blockage and the restoration of your energy body to its pure and unblemished state.