We are spiritual beings in a physical body. There was no time where we did not exist. From the moment we misperceived ourselves as being separate from God, we have experienced a long line of successive episodes we call “lifetimes”. In truth, there is only one lifetime made up of many chapters as we evolve towards the reuniting with God. Currently, our lifetimes take place upon the Earth, but we have had lifetimes in many different forms and places in the Universe.

According to the scientific definition of life, the Earth can not be considered a living Being. However, if you consider the Earth and life on Earth as part of the same entity, we could say that the Earth exhibits all of the characteristics of life. Energetically, the Earth possesses as chakra system, an organ system and an integrated system of subtle bodies. The Earth’s purpose is to evolve, as is our own. As above, so below.

Just as we all possess energy meridians, chakra points and acupunture points, so to does the Earth have similar systems.  Life energy flows through and around these systems, supporting the well-being of the planet and the life that inhabits it.

Typically, a pendulum is a cut crystal of some kind or metal plumb attached to a short chain.    Dowsers often use a pendulum to search for underground water sources or other quests.  I use a pendulum to ask questions to my “Higher Self”.  Rotation in one direction signifies a “yes” answer, and the opposite rotation indicates “no”.  How you frame the question and the different degrees of yes and no, will greatly influence your answers. It has a similar function to Kinesiology.

The Earth has an energy body not dissimilar to our own meridian system. All of the Earth should be considered sacred, but those points that we would call acupuncture points and chakra centers on the Earth’s surface are what I refer to as the sacred spots on the Earth.

Karma is the word we use for the accumulated energy blockages we have accrued throughout our lifetimes that express themselves in our current incarnation. Their expressions gives rise to events and situations in our lives in our attempt to bring them to the surface and clear them out of our energy. We are often not successful in resolving the issues and the blockages are recycled into our energy to be expressed again at a later date. We can clear these blockages much more quickly and less stressfully through the clearing process I have outlined in my book, “Energetic Awakening”. By re-aligning your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, the clearing of Karma will happen naturally.

A special relationship is an energy connection with someone that you feel is of more worth (or less) to you than everyone else. This would include friends, enemies, family and partners. These relationships tie your energy to theirs and you begin to take on their energy blockages in addition to your own. You try to clear their blockages through your energy system and experience the effects of that clearing process. This sacrifice would be fine if it actually helped them reduce their karmic burden, but they end up re-creating those blockages again in putting them back in place.

A soul mate is generally someone that you have a contract with from a previous lifetime. It is a unit connection where your energy is merged with theirs. It is not alway someone of the opposite sex and it may also be someone of your immediate family. You may have several soul mates that you are drawn to. You can, however, create a soul mate by choosing to merge your energy with that of another. That is often what happens in the saying of vows in a marriage ceremony.

People who have transitioned from their physical bodies, but have not yet managed to move on from this plane of existence and remain earthbound are who we refer to as ghosts or spirits. They generally carry large karmic burdens or have not yet chosen to resolve their perceived “unfinished business” from their previous life. There are a great many of these spirits around us, who remain invisible to our senses as we do to theirs for the most part. They are often attracted to your light and follow you around, interacting with your energy.

We have no other purpose in this lifetime, but to evolve and clear the blockages we have created from our energy body. How you choose to accomplish that determines how you live your life. We have all the support we need to achieve that goal, but life can be confusing and has many distractions. The purpose is clear. Now find the path that leads you there!