Some Earth Chakra points are misshapen due to either natural Earth changes or human influence.  These points can be re-aligned to maximize the energy flow.  We developed a procedure we called “gridding”. Using a large template to set the pattern for a matrix made of crystals, we inserted the stones through various holes in the pattern into the Earth. After spreading out the 14-foot canvas template as smoothly as possible, we oriented it to the compass directions, and fastened it. The pattern on the canvas was a series of shapes consisting of two large infinity symbols, crossing in the middle and oriented to the four compass directions, north, south, east, and west. A large square connected the top of each of the infinity symbols. The proportions of the intersecting lines formed smaller parts that were in accord with what is known as the Phi ratio, or 1 to 1.61803… . Phi is an irrational number whose decimal places go on endlessly, never to be resolved.

The Phi ratio has long been recognized in the proportions of the Golden Mean, which is found everywhere in the natural world. On our body, the proportions of the joints to each other are in the Phi ratio, as well as the proportions of the face, the torso, the arms, and legs. With insects, the proportion of the head to the thorax, or the thorax to the abdomen, is in the Phi ratio. The arc of a wave or a whirlpool, traces a pattern corresponding to the Phi ratio. The orbital distance of the planets and the spiral of the DNA strand follow the Phi ratio. The list is endless and indicates a central, unifying pattern to all life.

The patterns of shapes were all drawn to be in exact proportion to the Phi ratio. Besides the two infinity symbols, there were twelve squares, each rotated 90 degrees within the last, getting smaller and smaller toward the middle. Where the lines intersected and at the curvature of the infinity symbols, there were small holes in the template, reinforced by grommets. The effect was to create pathways for energy to flow. Squares represented the masculine energy and the infinity symbols represented the universal energy. The pattern also created a series of spirals, four rotating clockwise, and four counterclockwise, representing the feminine energy. All shapes were balanced in accordance with the Phi ratio. After spreading and aligning the template, we proceeded to insert small crystals into the ground. Screwdrivers were used to create the holes.  We then linked all of the crystals by tracing the patterns of masculine, feminine, and universal energy. We closed the ceremony, called “coning”, by thanking all of the unseen participants in the gridding. We collected the template and equipment, but left the crystals in the ground. The grid would immediately replicate itself and continue to increase in much the same manner as a living fertilized egg, until it expanded to the size of the chakra-vortex.  This pattern would cause the energy of the chakra-vortex to re-align to the new underlying grid structure creating an much more balanced energy flow.