Monthly Archives: June 2015

Creation and Intention

Have you ever asked yourself why you are here, in this life, with this family in these circumstances? I have long ago stopped believing in coincidences and accidents in my life, random acts or random events. As human beings, we have learned to organize sensory data into coherent patterns and imbue those patterns with […]

Managing Your Energy

You live in a sea of energy. How you manage your energy will determine how you navigate this ocean. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to stay present in the world. Most of our energy we distribute through the seven body chakras, with only a small percentage connecting us to the upper chakras. […]

Sympathy vs. Compassion

Sympathy is a misperception, which attempts to deny reality. It reinforces the “victim” mentality and supports suffering rather than alleviates it. Sympathy involves identifying with someone else’s problems, which throws your energy into a resonance with theirs. Entraining your energy to theirs, you soon experience emotions and thoughts similar to theirs. You continue to […]