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I often am asked the questions in my counseling: “What should I be doing? What is my purpose?” My answer is always the same – “Do whatever you enjoy doing, as long as it is of service.” The service can be towards other people, other life forms or to the Earth. Service is the […]

Our Reality

We create our own reality. It is not the circumstances in our life that shape us but how we choose to interpret those circumstances. We misunderstand experience if we view ourselves as victims and others as being responsible for our suffering. No one is to blame for anything that happens to us. Events and […]

Lack Consciousness

From the moment we first perceived ourselves as being separate from Source energy or God, we began to create emotional patterns. The first pattern was that of separateness, from there all other patterns resulted. All emotional patterns are distortions of love, for love is not an emotion at all, but your state of being […]